About US

Training for Mission is the blog of Redcliffe College, a UK Christian College and internationally recognised centre for mission training.

At Redcliffe we’re more than just a Bible College – our passion is to prepare Christians for world mission. Our flexible courses provide excellent Bible based cross-cultural mission training for anyone considering or currently involved in mission.

Study at Redcliffe College and you will also develop practical skills through mission placements and experience living in a vibrant, cross-cultural and truly international setting.

This blog features news and stories from the Redcliffe community: staff, students, volunteers and former students.

More about Redcliffe

Redcliffe College is a vibrant cross-cultural community representing all ages and many nationalities. At Redcliffe we are passionate about training people for God’s mission and providing students with the necessary theological and biblical foundations to explore the various dimensions of this mission task. We seek to equip people with theological, personal and practical tools that can be used in all areas of life to express the Lordship of Christ. Whatever your calling, at Redcliffe you will find your horizons stretched to discover what God is doing, through His people, in the world.

Redcliffe College courses are flexible to suit your individual needs and requirements. Each course comprises of a wide range of modules including topics in biblical, theological, cross-cultural and mission studies. We are continually updating the subjects we offer. In addition to a strong biblical emphasis, your studies will cover the latest thinking in mission, and address issues relevant to your life after Redcliffe. Our full range of courses are as follows…

Undergraduate courses

Postgraduate courses

Short courses

Other programmes

You can choose to study full-time or part-time, live in the college community or as a non-resident. Whenever possible, lectures are scheduled in the mornings. All our courses (except short course options) are validated by the University of Gloucestershire, which has a Christian ethos and over 9000 full and part-time students. Please visit our website if you would like to ask a question or arrange a visit to Redcliffe.

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