A Summer in England

I’ve just gotten home after a summer at Redcliffe College doing Moody Bible Institute’s Study Abroad programme. It already has been one of the most formative summers of my life, both because I’ve learnt about England and history and God, and because of Redcliffe and the people there.

Living at Redcliffe was such a pleasure. Each member of staff there took a personal interest in each of us, beyond just our names. They cared about who we were, and about each of our goals and vision. They were never too busy to stop and ask how we were, and they were always showing us what it is to be the body of Christ working together in community.

For me, Redcliffe represents a place of peace and growth. In the middle of a busy work-filled summer, Redcliffe was a place to slow down and catch my breath. I learned so much from the staff and the classes that I took, and from the way of life at Redcliffe. I had space and the time to think and appreciated the College’s relational focus that makes it feel like home.

I’m so grateful for Redcliffe, their ministry and the mission that they support. God is working mightily through the College and staff because each person there is open to what He is calling them to do.

My time at Redcliffe taught me to trust God more, be open to His plans, and live in community. I learned what a difference genuine care in an individual makes in that person’s life, and I learned that the littlest things can sometimes make the biggest difference.

I’m so glad I spent my summer at Redcliffe, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about community and missions.



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