Reaching Iranians from Cyprus

…I’ve just come back from my six-week term placement which I did in sunny Cyprus. I was working with SAT-7 who produce programs and radio shows to reach the unreachable areas with the good news of the Gospel. There are a number of different ‘bases’ but mine primarily focused on reaching Iran through TV. Hearing the testimonies of all that God had done through their ministry was a real encouragement.

My main role whilst on placement was to film (and then edit) the programs. I already had some experience doing both of these before so I was able to jump right into the work without needing lots assistance. In my final two week I was doing things primarily by myself without much help from other people. I also got to learn how to use the tele-prompter (the ‘rolling screen’ that tells people what to say) which was first for me.

My Spiritual Life in Cyprus as a whole was varied, and that was mostly because I was focused on adjusting to the culture and the new and unfamiliar environment. With so many things happening it was hard to find time for my daily devotionals. So I challenged myself, to wake up in the morning an hour before breakfast, spend that time in the presence of God alone. This really helped me through my placement and it was great to have friends on the team who could keep me accountable.

I am really grateful for all that the Redcliffe lecturers and the Community has taught me (so far) as it made a huge difference to my time away.

Thank you,



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