EQUIPPED for Mission

I cannot believe how fast the last five weeks of ‘Equip’ have flown by and what fun they have been. I have enjoyed that there have been no assignments to complete and I have been able to have some time out to start to process my time at Redcliffe as well as looking to the future.

Having a mentor to chat things through with and being able to talk to the lecturers and staff at Redcliffe has really helped me reflect and think as I look to my loving Father and trust in Him in all circumstances; to learn from their experiences and wisdom is such a privilege.

On the ‘Equip’ programme this term there have been a variety of subjects from Scripture Engagement and justice issues to car maintenance and hairdressing. I have learnt practical skills, gained and deepened my knowledge in other areas, all of which have been equipping me for whatever my future holds in cross-cultural mission. Having Bible Studies together, looking at different contexts and cultures through that, thinking about oral cultures and different worldviews as we study the Bible has been an eye-opener for me.

As a group we have been able to tailor this term to our needs and we have been able to get to know each other better as we journeyed through these past weeks together. EQUIP has been so much more than the lectures, it is in the relationships where I have learnt lots, been challenged and grown the most. EQUIP this term is almost finished but what I have learnt and experienced will continue to transform me as I continue my journey in cross-cultural ministry.



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