MA Reflections

Leading up to starting an MA at Redcliffe, I was excited at the prospect of more focus studying in specific areas that I am interested in. I was also exciting about getting to know a whole new group of people: students, lecturers and staff alike.

Even during my first intensive weekend back in September last year, just walking along the corridors allowed for many ‘hello’s,’ smiles – the atmosphere being warm, friendly and inviting. Sitting with people that I didn’t (yet) know (especially at meal times) was a great time to get to know people and find out where they have come from and where they are going to afterwards (if they knew). I never met anyone at Redcliffe that wasn’t interesting to talk to making any conversation enjoyable and stimulating.

The weekends of study are intense (as their name suggests), but this is made easier by the good interactive teaching, small class size long with tea breaks and yummy meals đŸ™‚ I have now finished all of the intensive weekends and do miss meeting up with everyone, but am able to stay in touch via Facebook to see how everyone is getting on.

God Bless,



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