Moody in… England

Hi, I’m Kelsey, 20 years old from Chicago, USA. I’m currently a student at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and I studied at Redcliffe for a semester abroad in Autumn 2013. Moody and Redcliffe are very different, giving me a rounded and challenging experience in my training to do mission work. Not only was I surprised at how different Moody and Redcliffe are, but just England and America in general.

Both colleges are Bible based but Redcliffe’s classes are taught from a missional standpoint while Moody teaches more from a general theological standpoint. This context of learning in addition to being out of my American context of living stretched me to think beyond the cultural baggage I bring to God’s word, my relationship with God and how I minister in the church body, especially cross culturally.

This was also the first time I lived in another country. I’ve traveled to many nations but I have not spent time living as a minority. God used this time to prepare me for the day I will be living in another culture long-term. I learned to count the costs involved. Redcliffe, and England, was a safe environment for me as an American to count the costs and be stretched by God and what He can do with me. The strong community provided so much support and wisdom while the classes were entirely relevant to what I was experiencing and how I wish to serve one day.

Learning how to count the costs and minister cross-culturally were lessons I had to learn at Redcliffe. Moody teaches many incredible things, but it is in my comfort zone. I am familiar with American culture and having spent time as the only American student, I have a much greater respect for the international students at Moody. It’s hard to leave your family, friends, and familiarity with the little things around you that you take for granted in your culture. I’m thankful for how my experience at Redcliffe prepared me for missions. I am also blessed to learn from both Redcliffe and Moody. God is at work at Redcliffe, in the classes and the community, stretching and preparing people for carrying out His mission.


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