Why Community?

My name’s Casper and I’m a third year student, and am just coming to the end of my time here at Redcliffe. From my three years living and studying here I have found there are two key things that are to be understood about Community at Redcliffe.

  1. Community is the best thing about Redcliffe
  2. Community is the worst thing about Redcliffe

I am sure a lot of you who are in teams or have been in a team, will recognise this about your context and know it to be true. There are days when you want to be left well alone, and days when you can go around hugging everyone (ok maybe not the hugging part – but for me it’s true!)

But I want to reflect on something more important than just being an individual in a community. The whole community itself which is made up of lots of individuals, so here a question: what’s the point of community?

  • Community is about me…
  • Community is about we…
  • Community is about them…

Sometimes I need help. I am not known for being the first to admit it, but I do… I struggle, I need picking up and I need someone else to carry my load.

Sometimes the community as a whole needs help. We may not be the first to recognise this, but we struggle to love each other, we struggle to see relationships that need care.

Sometimes others need help. There are those in community who need other people to be there for them, lift them up and build them up.

Community is a living breathing thing, and when we have all three of these aspects going off at once, being in community is hard, tough, and a struggle and sometimes the greatest joy.

We must remember what the Psalmist says; “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1)

My prayer is this;

Our Father, be with us; as we seek to serve you, serve others, bless you, and bless others, lead us to a greater understanding of you, and a greater understanding others, help us to love you, and love others. Help us to see less other and more brother…(sister). Amen.

– I’ll be posting again in two weeks so check back and have a look-see.


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