Bible Storying Course

From the beginning of time… 

…stories have formed an important part of how we communicate. Where there is no written language, telling stories helps the listener discover their history and see where they fit within a bigger story.

God’s Story as revealed in the Bible is no exception. There are many cultures around the world which rely on oral communication, and many more where large numbers of the population are not literate or do not read – even in the UK.

Our intensive Chronological Bible Storying course will give you the skills to help people engage with God’s Word through the retelling of Biblical Stories.  This method has been used with people who prefer audio or visual ways of learning as well as in cultures where the Bible is not available in printed form. It is taught in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL, as part of Redcliffe’s Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy.

Who is the course for:

  • Anyone interested in learning about story crafting and biblical storying
  • Anyone already, or planning to, work in an oral culture
  • Anyone already, or planning to, work with people who enjoy audio and visual ways of learning.

 The course will help you to:

  • Tell a story to a small group, help others to learn the story, and lead a discussion about the spiritual application of the story
  • Understand the worldviews of the group, which stories are most appropriate to the group and and how to adapt your story to a given worldview
  • Begin story crafting with a Bibleless language group, an unreached or under-reached people group, or with people with Scriptures who need help engaging with it to understand the Bible’s whole story. Could be somewhere remote or your own town in the UK!


  • Training is entirely oral and participatory – no texts or handouts
  • It’s an intense 6 day workshop – must be present for all the days 
  • Dates: 18 – 23 November 2013, Monday – Saturday

 Cost and how to book…

  • Cost is £255 for 6 days residential, or £163 non-residential (including lunch and dinner each day) 
  • Please note there will be limited onsite accommodation which is allocated on a first-come, first served basis.  We are happy to supply you with a list of recommended accommodation that is available nearby.

Please download the booking form from here and send it to Debs Austin-Sparks, Redcliffe College, Wotton House, Horton Road, Gloucester GL1 3PT or download and send to


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