Read about ‘Justice and Mission’ in the latest edition of the Encounters Mission Journal

Encounter Mission Journal Issue 35 - Justice & MissionThe issue of justice is critically important in contemporary mission. It underlines the whole basis of Jesus’ ministry mandate, and should shape a Kingdom-oriented theology. Socio-political, economic and environmental dimensions of life are integral aspects of our faith – it’s about how we live and not just what we proclaim! More than ever, our globalised culture informs and challenges us to respond to issues of injustice; so what will we do about it?

This issue of encounters includes papers written by members of the Faculty at Redcliffe, and from a diverse range of academics and practitioners, all involved in some aspects of justice and mission. We hope this diversity will enlighten your reading and provoke you to respond.

We look forward to hearing from you, so please join the conversation by giving us your critiques, comments and questions!

Read and/or download the latest issue of encounters at


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