Energising the Future

Environment Day Conference 2011 - Energising the FutureFossil fuel energy sources are predicted to decline this century, but still have an important part to play in energy provision, particularly if they can be used more efficiently and with decreased carbon emissions. Renewable energy appears to offer an answer to providing the vast amounts of energy needed to keep our globalised world functioning and climate change at bay. Making use of wind, water and the sun makes sense – or does it? Is nuclear energy an option or do the problems of nuclear waste and terrorism rule it out? And how do Christians reflect theologically on these very practical issues and integrate them into their lives – taking care to love our global neighbour at the same time?

On Saturday 12 February 2011 Redcliffe, in association with the John Ray Initiative, will be be hosting a day conference titled Energising the Future focussing on these issues. Speakers at the event include Andy Brown (Progressive Energy),  John Twidell, Brendan Bowles (Climate Stewards), Ian Hore-Lacy (World Nuclear Association) and John Bryant (Emeritus Professor, Exeter University).

The programme includes thought-provoking talks and interactive seminars addressing these issues. Participants will also hear first-hand accounts of how these issues are impacting people from the Global South.

For more information and booking please visit the Redcliffe Website.


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