Want to study theology – do it at Redcliffe!

Studying theology should not be just an academic exercise – and so Redcliffe’s undergraduate courses in Applied Theology allow you to take what you are learning in your lectures and put it into practice.  You’ll do this through weekly placements in Gloucester and your block placement which could be anywhere in the world. The personal development component of the course enables you to reflect your personal and spiritual growth. And of course, you are also learning all the time about the perspectives of people from other countries and cultures, through living and studying in our international community, of many different nationalities, ages and backgrounds.

As an independent college, Redcliffe is not centrally funded by the UK government in the same way as many of our universities. This means we are unaffected by the recent announcement about cuts in university places which, according to a recent article in Church Times, have placed many of the theology departments under threat.

So if you want to study theology – why not take a look at what Redcliffe has to offer at www.redcliffe.org/study and order our prospectus today!