Wide Margin publishers

Wide Margin is a new publishing house bringing out books on Christian living from first-time and non-Western authors. The company has been started by Simon Cozens, who is just finishing his MA in Global Leadership in Intercultural Contexts at Redcliffe.

The first book to come out also has a Redcliffe connection as it is written by Jonathan Ingleby, our former Head of Mission Studies.

Here’s how Wide Margin describes itself:

We believe that there’s a wide sphere of people out there who have good things to say about the Christian life, things the rest of us need to hear. We also believe that the Church needs to hear voices from the margin – the majority world, the poor and the disadvantaged.

So we use the latest publishing technologies to cut the cost of producing books, which allows us to commission widely and take a very small margin – hopefully meaning that those undiscovered voices can be heard, and that their words can be accessible to those of us who need them.

Go to Wide Margin’s website


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