A busy few weeks

For many of our full-time students, the academic year finished a few weeks ago with the Thanksgiving and Awards Service, where we gave thanks to God for the all that had happened during the year.

Since then, Redcliffe has continued to be full of activity. Fifteen students took part in the three week intensive Flexible Learning MA summer school. They will complete their assignments during the year, and then either go on to study a further two modules at next year’s summer school, or begin their dissertation.

Other events also ran alongside the summer school. A wide variety of people enjoyed our Summer Study Week, exploring subjects such as cross-cultural communication, spiritual formation and world religions. And would they recommend the week to others?

“Yes to anybody who is willing to be taken further by God on the journey of faith,” says Nigel from Wiltshire. “From the breath and depth of the teaching and fellowship, whatever your circumstances, you would be fed, nurtured and developed and sent back into the world with a refreshed vision of being in His Service.”

The following week saw students take part in the intensive Hebrew Week, which this year included a special seminar delivered by a Wycliffe Bible Translator about what the life and work of a Bible Translator involves.

The Asian Consultation brought together leaders from many mission agencies and organisations involved in Asia, to discuss issues surrounding resourcing emerging Asian mission movements.

Leadership formed the theme of the following week. We hosted six days of intensive training for leaders from ECM, Interserve and Latin Link delivered by Redcliffe and Oasis, followed by the final weekend of teaching for the MA in Global Leadership in Intercultural Contexts.

As Redcliffe principal, Rob Hay comments: “During the last few weeks wide variety of people have engaged in very practical mission training, the serious study of scripture and strategic global mission… it’s been a microcosm of a full Redcliffe year!”

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Flexible Mode MA


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