Keeping in touch after College

Cheryl Frith is Redcliffe’s Alumni Co-ordinator.  She started working at Redcliffe in 2005, and took over the role in 2007. Her husband Mike is also based at Redcliffe, as director of OSCAR, the UK Information service for World Mission. Cheryl and Mike also have experience working overseas with MAF.

“My role as Alumni Coordinator means I am a link between college and our students who have finished courses with us. Often they keep in touch via newsletters or Facebook – or call in to visit when they are back in the area. It is always great to hear from our alumni, and I enjoy keeping in contact and being an encouragement to them. Our weekly world prayer groups use alumni prayer letters to pray for them, their work and families.
“We have such a high calibre of students, and it is a joy to see how God takes their skills and uses them so powerfully in so many different situations. I feel privileged to be able to hear about the high and low parts of what happens to them after training for mission at Redcliffe.
“Redcliffe has a lot to offer alumni in terms of continuing professional development. For example, we have several graduates now doing an MA, either full-tine or in flexible learning mode. Others are completing a diploma or degree after studying on a short course a few years ago. Our mission ezine, Encounters, is a great way of keeping up to date on topics within mission. And our re-entry and debriefing service gives alumni a chance to explore and talk through the opportunities and challenges of returning to their home country after a period of mission service elsewhere.
To find out more about where Redcliffe graduates go and what they do, as well as more about what we have to offer alumni, visit

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