Edinburgh 2010: Witnessing to Christ Today

The Edinburgh 2010: Witnessing to Christ Today conference is just days away, a century after the historic 1910 World Missionary Conference.

Darrell Jackson, Lecturer in European Studies at Redcliffe and Director of Redcliffe’s Nova Research Centre, is the moderating convenor for Study Theme Eight of the  conference.

Commission Eight is focussed on ‘Mission and unity – mission and ecclesiology’. A copy of the study text is available for free download.

The final version of the text emerged out of a consultation held at Redcliffe during October 2009 which saw Pentecostal, Orthodox, Baptist and Reformed missiologists meeting to finalise the contribution of the Study Theme. The Study Theme will be examined in two parallel sessions running through the conference programme.

The Edinburgh conference will run from June 2-6 at the Pollock halls of Edinburgh University. Two hundred and fifty global delegates will meet together. The website is www.edinburgh2010.org from where non-delegates can contribute to the global discussion of Study Theme Eight.



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