Why study missiology?

Kang-San Tan, Redcliffe’s Head of Mission, recently circulated this fantastic quote from David Bosch’s Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission

Missiology acts as a gadfly in the house of theology, creating unrest and resisting complacency, opposing every ecclesiastical impulse to self-preservation, every desire to stay where we are, every inclination toward provincialism and parochialism, every fragmentation of humanity into regional or sectional blocs . . . . Missiology’s task, furthermore, is critically to accompany the missionary enterprise, to scrutinize its foundations, its aims, attitude, message and methods – not from the safe distance of an onlooker, but in a spirit of co-responsibility and service to the church of Christ. (p.496)

Our prayer at Redcliffe is to be people fully engaged in the mission of God – thinking, praying, participating, reflecting, learning and applying for the service of the church and the glory of God.


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