Engaging with youth culture

If you want to explore the theme of engaging in youth culture our Youth Ministry workshop on Saturday 15 May will be for you!

Here’s some of the blurb from Redcliffe’s website.

17 again – engaging with youth culture – Saturday 15 May

9.30am (for registration) – 4pm

What are those electronic gadgets they are all playing with? What on earth are they wearing? And more importantly what is that rubbish that they are listening to? Even for those of us who work with them, young people can remain something of a mystery. But is understanding all the trends and fashions all there is to engaging with Youth culture? The last of three Saturdays aimed at equipping youth workers and volunteers in churches will help you discover much more!

Issues young people face. Ian Henderson works for The Message Trust, an organisation reaching out to young people in a wide range of settings. Ian will be giving us a snapshot of issues young people are facing, whether or not they are involved with church. How can youth workers cross this cultural divide to bring Christ’s love to people (however bad the music they listen to is)?

There’s also the chance to consider the context in which you work. Are you in a rural area where you face challenged of bringing small numbers of young people for ten different villages to hold an event? Or perhaps you are working in an inner-city area where certain groups of young people would not be seen dead meeting together? Or do you want to know more about the opportunities for youth work in schools? You will have a choice of seminars, with Phil and Dani Knox from Youth for Christ focusing on models of youth ministry in urban contexts; a schools worker from Psalms considering models of youth ministry in rural contexts; and Emma Kendall, Scripture Union National Youth Ministry Consultant looking at models of youth ministry in schools.

Finally after lunch there will be a question and answer panel session – everything you wanted to know about youth work but were afraid to ask!

In addition to seminars, the day will provide plenty of opportunity for networking and finding out about resources.

For more details please visit Redcliffe’s website


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