Public Communication Skills – Learning by Doing

Public Communication Skills is a very popular Level 1 module at Redcliffe  with many of the first years and Professionals in Mission students choosing to take it.  

Nina from Switzerland is in her first year of Applied Theology in Intercultural Contexts – here is what she thought of the lectures…

Public Communication Skills – Learning by Doing

The first lecture started off with a clear introduction – an outline of what we would be covering and the learning outcomes. Very soon it dawned on us that this module would not be a time to lean back, to take in what is presented upfront and to learn in a comfortable, rather passive way.

Whatever was discussed in a lecture was to be put into practice in the following week. During the next few weeks, we covered the theory of how to choose a subject, how to gather material and how to structure a talk. We would then build on this foundation to prepare a 3-minute talk for the following week.

We met in small groups of four people at the beginning of each lecture and practiced whatever the task was. This was a great place for constructive feedback and gradual growth. It was amazing to see how every group member improved in public communication skills.

Further teaching on writing and delivering a talk prepared us for our final assignment, a 10-minute talk in front of the whole class. Meeting this objective became much more attainable after the theory and practice we had received over the preceding weeks.

The format of the lectures was informal and the learning objectives became fun and enjoyable as the course progressed. This enabled us to grow in confidence as we practiced the relevant skills in front of our classmates and so too learned from each other.

Redcliffe College offers practical training for mission. You can find out more about our undergraduate courses at Validated courses include CertHE, DipHE and BA(Hons) in Applied Theology in Intercultural Contexts  and Professionals in Mission.


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